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DOW drops below 7000

Am I wrong or didn't the government already bail AIG out once?

Anyways, I just think it's odd how everybody was so hopeful about the economy yet it seems to be twice as bad now then it was at the end of last year. I know these things don't fix themselves overnight, but I'm wondering if this whole "stimulus" mess is going to work out.

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Now this is leaving treadmarks on your face.

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Like I've been saying, stimulus packages will buffer the short term damage by drawing out the pain over the long term.

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well it's good for Union workers.

who would think a corrupt IL position would work the unions into his first major action as president?

Change? I think not. Hate to say I told you so.

Now as I am union affiliated I'm pretty happy about the fact that the stimulus is supposed to flood us with work this summer .
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